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In-Transit Inventory at Park Ford in Mahopac

It's on the way. In fact, it might already be at our dealership. Either way, your new Ford is almost here at Park Ford. We've got a solid list of brand-new Ford trucks, SUVs, and EcoBoost engines just about ready to go. So, if you don't see the car you want in our lot, then don't worry. There's many more on the way. And we'll help you get the jump on the competition.

Get the Jump

The fact that we have a steady supply of new Ford inventory means one thing. They're very much in demand. It's common to see our lot filled with the popular Ford Mustang, and a week or two later, everything is gone. But there are two ways to avoid that disappointment. Custom ordering your Ford or pre-ordering it.

Your pre-order says "hands off" to other potential buyers. It solidifies your vehicle and gives you first dibs when it arrives at our dealership.

With a custom order, it not only guarantees that you'll have the vehicle you want. It guarantees that you'll have EXACTLY the vehicle you want. And no one will be able to take it out of your hands. Your custom order can be major, like paint and interior design, or minor cosmetic adjustments and convenience packages.

So, will it be a pre-order or customer order? Whatever you choose is up to you. But one thing is for sure. It will be yours and yours only. No sellouts. No fighting for the last Ford Explorer on the lot. Just the vehicle you want shipped to your home in Hopewell Junction or Somers, NY. You can reserve or custom order your Ford today. To start your custom order, you can select the New Ford Vehicles dropdown and click on "custom order now."

In-Transit Inventory

But, if you don't want to custom order your vehicle, you don't have to. Because our delivery truck is loaded with various new Ford options to replenish our inventory. Vehicles like the popular off-road monster known as the Ford Bronco is locked and loaded with legendary off-road features to improve performance.

One of the best-selling trucks of all time, the Ford F-150, will be available for your towing needs in Yorktown Heights or Carmel. And if you've got children to get to school, youth sports practice, and beyond, then we've got SUVs like the Ford Explorer and Ford Expedition. These SUVs are fitted with excellent interior space and cargo room to carry everything from the children to the kitchen sink.

And the coveted Ford Mustang, available with an EcoBoost engine or the more powerful V8, will be available to satisfy your need for speed. You can browse our full selection of vehicles online or stop by in person. We'd love to show you what we have. In the meantime, you just know that there will be even more options on the way to Park Ford.

Park Ford Near Beacon, NY

Now, we've covered the basics. Do we have new Ford inventory in stock today? Absolutely. Will there be more on the way? Without a doubt. We'll always have a great selection of new Ford automobiles in stock here at Park Ford. But, it's just a matter of finding the one you want-before someone else beats you to it.

Don't take that chance. Customize your Ford today, and let us prepare your vehicle exactly the way you want it. And don't let anyone else even think about taking your preferred choice. Get started today. The best is yet to come at Park Ford.

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