Find Many Certified Pre-Owned Ford Offers in Mahopac

Our dealership offers many conditions for Ford models, including certified pre-owned Ford cars that are growing in popularity. The Ford certified pre-owned models are different from used cars and new vehicles, and they provide terrific value. Certified pre-owned (CPO) inventories are a fairly recent development, so we discuss the CPO benefits and what to expect from our Ford CPO inventory below!

What Are Ford CPO Models?

The Ford certified pre-owned program takes some qualities of used cars, like value, and combines them with quality assurance measures through a certification program. This program first narrows down the used Ford models that can earn certification by only allowing models with fewer than 80,000 miles and no older than six years. Used Ford models meeting those requirements undergo a 172-point inspection from our technicians to ensure the quality of the various components.

Guidelines for CPO Inventory

  • Every CPO vehicle must be manufactured in a timeframe of fewer than six years, which bonds them to models in our new Ford inventory.
  • Each model will have less than 80,000 total miles on its odometer from its previous road experience.
  • They've all passed the 172-point inspection covering a road test and an examination of interior and exterior features and systems.
  • A vehicle history report detailing any problems the vehicle has is issued so the dealership can see what fails to reach its quality standards. That way, these problems can be fixed before the keys go to the next owner.
  • All vehicles will be under a 12-month/12,000-mile limited warranty coverage along with a seven-year/100,000-mile warranty on its powertrain.
  • Drivers in Somers will be more at peace the next time they get a flat tire with complimentary roadside assistance on every Ford model from our CPO inventory.

Once a Ford model earns this certification, car buyers will receive quality assurance through a powertrain warranty and comprehensive limited warranty, which you don't normally find on used cars. Other Ford certified pre-owned perks range from travel reimbursement to roadside assistance, and you still get the used car savings that you want!

What to Expect from Our Certified Pre-Owned Ford Inventory?

Like any inventory of used models, these offers often change, but we're sure that we'll have some popular Ford models to consider. We see recent model years of certified pre-owned Ford trucks in Mahopac, such as Ford F-150 CPO offers. We also see many SUVs among our Ford CPO inventory, so be sure to look for these Ford Escape or certified pre-owned Ford Explorer deals!

We hope that our CPO models have a deal for you, and we often add to this inventory. If you have questions about the certified pre-owned program or a current listing, be sure to contact our Mahopac Ford dealership today!