Why the Honda CR-V is good, but the Ford Escape is better

There are always pros and cons when it comes to a vehicle you're interested in. The Honda CR-V, for instance, has some that are definitely worth weighing. The Honda CR-V offers a 2.4-liter base engine with an impressive 1,500 pound towing capacity. However, steering is tight on the Honda CR-V, and it doesn't offer as much space inside its cabin as competitors. The Honda CR-V offers up affordability and is available in a variety of colors, but not with as many choices. The Honda CR-V also comes with a seven-inch touchscreen system, but you may find larger ones in other competitors.

Although the Honda CR-V is affordable, the Ford Escape ends up taking the prize in lesser cost. The Ford Escape also doesn't have any of the cons of the CR-V. You'll find more space in the cabin, a larger towing capacity of 3,500 pounds, more exterior colors to choose from, and eight-inch touchscreen as opposed to the seven-inch, and a higher horsepower engine.

All in all, the Ford Escape is more affordable, just as spacious and offers a larger touchscreen and more technology than the Honda CR-V. We'd be more than happy to show you the Ford Escape in detail whenever you'd like to come see us here in Mahopac.

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